For ages 13-15 and 16+

Our overall goal is to help increase the talented athlete’s performance through proper training. Whether the athlete is prepping for their current or next season or prepping to go to College or University, this program is built to help them succeed.

Whether you are on ice, water, grass or track, the overall goal as an athlete is to become bigger, stronger, faster. That is the basis of our program; to peak our athletes' athletic performance. 

Program Outline

Our Sports Performance Program is offered in 12-week intervals and broken down into three tiers:

Tier 1: Conditioning

Tier 2: Weights

Tier 3: Technique

Every week, we cover all three tiers. Each day builds on the next and compliments one another.

Mobility Training Warm-Ups

Each program will start with our Functional Range Conditioning Mobility patterns to help create proper mobilization in the joints. The stronger the athlete’s joint articulation, the more it will translate to better mobility and healthy creation of movement patterns. This is also a staple to help with end ranges of motion to provide a less injury prone body.

Tier 1: Conditioning Program

The goal of this program is to condition the athlete’s cardiovascular health and increase recovery. No matter what sport you specialize in, the key to maintain proper game pace is recovery. The faster the athlete recovers, the easier it will be to perform at a higher level. Our approach to this is a combination of high-intensity interval training, weight training and plyometric movements. It's time to push the pace!

Tier 2: Weight Program

 The goal of this program is lean muscle, power, strength, explosiveness and overall injury prevention. We accomplish this by creating a specialized weight lifting regimen structured around proper loading, control and remedial exercises (i.e., fixing and structural balancing). The leaner, stronger and more powerful the athlete, the better opportunity they have to peak in their sport. 

Tier 3: Technique Program

The goal of this program is specialized movement through multiple different planes. As an athlete, there are always unpredictable factors that must be faced. Our approach to handling this is an application we like to call “Three Dimensional.” What we mean by this is depth. The athletes will undergo technical drills, plyometric movements, acceleration and deceleration (with and without load) to help their bodies and minds understand the different planes which it can go through. This will help them understand more unpredictable factors and create better movement patterns for the athlete. 

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